The company CAFREX was established in 1983 by Franciszek Kartuszewski. In the initial period of their activity the company was engaged in production of equipment and services for agriculture, according to own designs as well as any other services related to metalworking. The significant rise of the company took place in 1986-1987, when the company began production of elements and sub-assemblies for self-advancing supports for the mining industry. In that period the company established cooperation with the company MANNESSMAN Germany, for which CAFREX provided, among others, machining of flanges, pads and plugs, and also with the company SIGMA - Usti nad Labem Czech Republic, for which CAFREX provided machining of valve bodies that was the beginning of export activities of the company CAFREX. That period strongly influenced further increase of the production potential and highly-qualified staff. The company CAFREX has been perceived as a solid partner not only in Poland now our market is global. At present we cooperate with companies from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Germany, USA, Korea, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Japan. We also manufactured equipment for Italy, France, Romania and Greece. Export production makes 98,6% of total production.

The aim of the company CAFREX is to deal in such a way as to create reliability and confidence among customers, financial institutions and partners, always taking into account a long-term cooperation

Customers satisfaction and safety are our main goal. We believe it is possible to be the best through having an integrated company with all functions of an international enterprise. The group of professionals employed at CAFREX has been engaged in long-term cooperation with our customers and partners as well as their service. Service of customers is adapted to the highest international standards.

In orders from our customers there are special requirements and the company CAFREX is able to offer the level and quality together with full service.

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